Garage Checklist For Home Buyers

You are thinking of buying a new house for a new home, and you have this list that you would want to have and check. Should be it the size of the house itself and the rooms then how updated the electricity and appliances installed. Also how much furniture you will need to have and some things that should be fixed or not.

You would also want some additions to your new house like a backyard and garage. With those, you will also need a checklist. That is to check if it is something right or accurate with what you will pay for. This will also help you to decide to get it even with repairs.

With a garage, it has different types and sizes. But no matter how you will use it and what your choice will be, you will still need to check the following to see if it is worth your money:

1. Lights

The first thing that will come to mind will be the electric one. Of course, it is important especially if you will need to do some work during the night. Some questions would be, is it still working or does it need to be replaced? Are the electrical wirings still intact? Is it the kind of lighting you prefer? If not, you might consider replacing it. It is not about the electric lights though, but you should also consider natural lighting especially when you prefer to work during the day. That way, you will be more productive and also better for your health. It will also help with your electric bill to be lower.

2. Doors

There would be different kinds of door in the garage. There is the garage door that usually reveals the whole place and for the vehicles. Then there are also doors for entrance and exit of people. For both, you will need to check if it still works properly. You will be having a problem if it’s stuck or does not close properly. It will be risky for security. Then, of course, you’ll want to make sure you have a high-quality garage door opener that is rated to move the weight of the door smoothly and quietly. An added benefit of getting one of the higher-end openers available today is that you can sync it to your car.

3. Space

To see if space is enough, you will have to ask, what is the purpose of why you want to have a garage? If it is for something conventional like a space for your vehicle one of your worries is if you have enough room to get in and out of your car easily from all four doors, as well as whether or not you can access the trunk. If it is for something else like hobbies or extra space, then you will have to decide if it is large enough for your liking.

4. Ventilation

Are the vents still in good condition? Are they enough or you will need more? Are the windows also enough to give some air? These are just some of the questions that need to be answered because your health is on the line with this.

5. Walls

The walls are not just there to provide some privacy. You will also have to check if they are sturdy enough to hold on with different kinds of seasons and also protect you from it. You will also need to check the materials it is made for and the possible things that will destroy it such as termites for the wood so that you will be ready.